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Nugget Production Line

Specializing in produce nuggets made from chicken, but can also be made from other meats like turkey, pork, or fish.

The nugget production line is an industrial assembly system optimized for creating high volumes of breaded meat or meat-alternative nuggets. This automated line streamlines the entire process, from meat mixing and forming to breading, frying, and freezing, ensuring consistency and quality.

Poly nugget line features high efficiency which translates to lower production costs and a faster time-to-market for products. The line's advanced technology also ensures adherence to food safety standards, reducing the risk of contamination. With the capability to produce a vast array of nugget types, this line is indispensable for food producers looking to scale up operations.

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    Nugget Production Line For Sale

    Our state-of-the-art nugget production line boasts a capacity range of 100-1,500kg/h to meet the demands of both small and large-scale operations. Designed to handle a variety of inputs, from poultry, beef, and pork, to fish and other seafood, this line is your ticket to producing high-quality nuggets that satisfy diverse consumer tastes.

    Our production line ensures uniformity in size and shape, while the advanced breading and frying stations guarantee a perfect golden crust and thoroughly cooked interior every time. The quick-freeze feature locks in freshness, allowing for extended shelf life and reduced food waste.

    Equipped with the latest in food processing technology, this line is engineered for ease of cleaning and maintenance, ensuring you meet the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. It’s an investment in not just machinery, but in the reliability and reputation of your brand.

    Chicken/Fish Nugget Production Line Video

    Main Equipment of Poly Nugget Production Line

    Nugget Forming Machine

    Our compact nugget forming machine expertly shapes consistent, high-quality nuggets from various ingredients, including meat and seafood. 

    It shapes and sizes meat or seafood mixtures, seamlessly integrating mixing, portioning, and molding functions for efficient production.

    Able to process various nugget shapes and sizes with mold changing.

    Multi-ingredient compatibility.

    High-speed forming.

    Battering Machine

    Our advanced nugget battering machine coats your products evenly for a perfect crispy finish, enhancing taste and texture.

    It’s designed for seamless integration into your production line, offering high throughput, consistent quality, and minimal waste. Its user-friendly operation and easy-to-clean features make it a valuable asset for any food processing facility.

    Adjustable coating thickness.

    Uniform batter application.

    Robust construction reliability.

    Bread Coating Machine

    The bread coating machine precisely applies breadcrumbs, optimizes adhesion, and removes excess, readying nuggets for frying or baking with consistency.

    It boasts efficient, high-volume processing, precise breadcrumb application, and reduced waste. Its compact design, ease of use, and quick cleaning capability streamline operations and enhance product quality.

    Optimal coating adhesion.

    Excess removal system.

    Precise crumb application.

    Powdering Machine

    Powder machine, also named preduster machine or flouring machine. It uniformly coats each nugget with a fine layer of flour, enhancing batter adhesion.

    Its compact design saves space, while the adjustable settings allow for precise coating thickness. This results in a consistent product and better yield, making it an essential component for efficient nugget production.

    Uniform flour application.

    Adjustable coating thickness.

    Quick cleaning system.

    Continuous Fryer

    Our frying machine for nugget lines is designed to deliver perfectly fried nuggets with consistent quality. It features precise temperature control, high-capacity throughput, and uniform cooking.

    Its advantages include energy efficiency, rapid heat-up, and an advanced filtration system to extend oil life and ensure clean operation.

    Precise temperature control.

    Uniform cooking results.

    Minimal wastes.

    Specifications of Poly Nugget Production Line

    Capacity (kg/h)100-1,500
    Raw MaterialMeat, Seafood, Others
    Finished ProductBurger Patty, Chicken Cutlet, Fillet, Meat Balls, etc.
    Machine MaterialFood grade SUS304
    Voltage (V)220/380
    Finished Product Thickness (mm)6-30
    Finished Product Max Diameter (mm)140-150

    Poly Nugget Production Line For Any Business Scale

    Our chicken nugget production lines are designed to cater to a diverse range of business scales, ensuring that we can meet your specific capacity requirements. We offer a selection of models that are optimized for different production volumes:

    For small-scale operations requiring 100-300 kilograms of output, our compact solution includes a small forming machine, a 200-type battering machine, a 200-type breading machine, and a 3.5-meter frying line—or alternatively, a frying pot for more flexibility.

    If your production needs are of a medium scale, ranging from 500-800 kilograms, we provide a 400-type punching forming machine, paired with a 400-type battering machine, a 400-type breading machine, and a 6.5-meter frying line, ensuring efficiency and consistency in your production.

    For high-volume production demands of 800-1500 kilograms, we offer a robust set of equipment including a 600-type punching forming machine, a 600-type battering machine, a 600-type breading machine, and an 8.5-meter frying line, all engineered to deliver high throughput without compromising on quality.

    Each configuration is designed with efficiency, ease of use, and maintenance in mind, to keep your operation running smoothly and to produce a consistently high-quality product. Let us help you find the perfect match for your business needs.

    Global Shipment Cases

    Automatic Chicken Nugget Line Operated in UAE.

    Our automatic chicken nugget line streamlines production, integrating forming, battering, and frying with precision. This high-tech line ensures consistent quality, boosts output, and minimizes labor for our UAE customer. 

    Small Fish Nugget Line Tested for Malaysian Customer

    A compact fish nugget line was trialed for our Malaysian customer, showcasing adaptability to diverse seafood types. It featured scaled-down machinery, ensuring quality control and efficiency within limited space. The test run demonstrated the line’s capability to meet local taste preferences while maintaining high hygiene standards.

    Customer Feedback


    Consistently Perfect Nuggets.

    Every batch from this production line is uniform in size and taste, exceeding our customers’ expectations. The automated process ensures we maintain a high standard with every order.


    from Kenya


    Impressive Technology.

    The smart controls and self-regulation features of Poly nugget line have simplified the production process. We can now easily scale up production with minimal additional input, thanks to the intuitive design.

    Omar kaddour

    From Germany