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Oil Water Mixed Food Fryer

Ideal for facilities manufacturing potato chips, French fries, battered products, chicken nuggets.

Poly oil water mixed food fryer offers advantages such as reduced oil consumption, improved fried food quality, energy efficiency, and effective oil filtration, making it suitable for food processing factories focused on producing fried food items.

Additionally, it finds application in snack food production lines, ready-to-eat meal manufacturing, and large-scale food service operations. The fryer's ability to enhance food quality while minimizing oil usage and energy consumption makes it a valuable asset for businesses seeking sustainable and efficient fried food production processes.

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    Oil Water Mixed Food Fryer For Sale

    The oil water mixed food fryer utilizes a unique frying method that combines oil and water, providing an efficient and healthier alternative to traditional frying methods.

    Poly oil water mixed fryer’s design ensures that the food is fried in oil while the water beneath absorbs food residues, preventing the oil from becoming contaminated and thus extending its usability. It also reduces the risk of oil oxidation and the production of harmful substances, making it a safer and more economical choice for food businesses.

    This fryer is versatile in its applications. It is suitable for frying a wide variety of food items, including chicken, vegetables, peanuts, and more. Whether for fast food restaurants, snack food factories, or small and medium-sized food processing plants, this fryer can handle it all.

    Our oil water mixed food fryer comes with a tank size ranging from φ1000 to φ1400*400, offering different capacities to meet various production needs. 

    Specifications of Oil Water Mixed Food Fryer For Sale

    ModelPower (kW)Tank Size (mm)Discharge MethodHeating SystemVoltage (V)
    PLYG1000A36/54φ1000*400Motorized DischargeElectricity / Gas380

    What Poly Oil Water Mixed Frying Machine Offers

    Poly oil water mixed food fryer is a valuable asset for any food processing business, offering a range of features designed to improve the quality and efficiency of your frying process.

    Temperature Control

    It offers automatic temperature control to ensure the food is fried at the optimal temperature, preserving taste and texture.

    Auto Stirring

    It also features an automatic stirring function to prevent food from sticking together or to the fryer.

    Fast Heating

    A pot of oil will be heated to 170 degrees in only 10 minutes.

    Environment Friendly

    It is equipped with a smoke exhaust system to keep the working environment clean and safe.

    Oil Water Mixed Food Fryer Price

    The price for a fully automatic oil water mixed food fryer machine starts around $5,500. This machine comes with advanced features such as automatic temperature control, automatic stirring, an automatic discharging port, a smoke exhaust system and so on. These features not only enhance the quality of the fried food but also improve the efficiency of the frying process, making it a worthwhile investment for businesses seeking to optimize their production line.

    For businesses with a tighter budget or smaller production needs, a semi-automatic oil water mixed frying machine is a cost-effective alternative. Although the price of a semi-automatic machine is lower than that of a full automatic machine, it still offers reliable performance. It is capable of performing essential functions such as temperature control and stirring, albeit with less automation.

    Global Shipment Cases

    Oil Water Mixed Frying Machine to Indonesia

    The advanced oil water mixed frying machine, renowned for its high-quality food processing capabilities, was operated in Indonesia. Capable of handling large-scale frying tasks efficiently, this revolutionary machine is poised to enhance the productivity of our customer.

    Oil Water Mixed Frying Machine to Thailand

    The PLYG1400A oil water mixed frying machine, known for its high-quality output, is prepared for shipment to Thailand. This high-capacity machine is ideal for large-scale frying operations.

    Customer Feedback


    High Performance for My Restaurants.

    I recently purchased the oil water mixed food fryer machine for my restaurant, and I’m incredibly impressed with its performance. Not only does it efficiently fry a variety of foods to perfection, but the innovative oil-water mixing technology has greatly reduced oil consumption and maintenance costs.

    Gamal Alim

    from The Netherlands


    Shorten My Costs.

    The ability to mix oil and water significantly prolongs the oil’s lifespan, leading to substantial cost savings while maintaining the quality of the fried products. The machine’s user-friendly interface and consistent frying performance have streamlined our operations and improved overall efficiency.

    Rolan Antinero

    From Philippines

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