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Continuous Fryer

Automate the process of frying various food products.

Poly continuous fryer boasts efficient and uniform frying, precise temperature control, high production capacity, and automated processing, ensuring consistent product quality. It is suitable for use in food processing factories specializing in fried food products such as potato chips, French fries, chicken nuggets, and various battered or breaded items.

Additionally, it finds application in snack food manufacturing facilities, ready-to-eat meal production lines, and large-scale food service operations. The machine's capabilities make it ideal for businesses aiming to streamline the production of fried food items while maintaining quality and meeting high demand.

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    Continuous Fryer For Sale

    The continuous fryer is an advanced, fully automated system designed to facilitate the mass production of various fried food items. This machine from Poly is suitable for both small-scale and large-scale food processing industries, with the capacity to be customized according to the customer’s specific requirements.

    The continuous fryer is highly versatile, capable of frying a wide array of food items. Some of the most common applications include meat, dough twist, potato or banana chips, seafood, nuggets, onion rings, and so on.

    The capacity of the continuous fryer can be customized according to the customer’s specific needs and the available space. The minimum length of the line is typically 1 meter, but it can be extended to accommodate larger operations. The production capacity can range from a few hundred kilograms per hour to several tons per hour, depending on the specific configuration of the line.

    Oil Water Mixed Food Fryer For Sale

    An oil water mixed food fryer uses a combination of oil and water to fry food items. This technology is designed to improve the frying process in various ways, including enhancing food quality, extending oil life, and making the frying process more efficient, and much cheaper than continuous fryers.

    Poly fryer typically features a dual-layer design where oil is heated in the upper layer to fry the food, while water is kept in the lower layer to collect food particles that fall off during frying. And the oil layer remains cleaner, which can result in a better-tasting product that’s less greasy.

    Specifications of Continuous Fryer

    Air/Water Pressure6Bar/2Bar
    Output CapacityAround 200-600KG/H
    Output Thickness6-25mm
    Max Diameter of Output135mm
    Production Times15-55 times/min

    Specifications of Oil Water Mixed Food Fryer For Sale

    ModelPower (kW)Tank Size (mm)Discharge MethodHeating SystemVoltage (V)
    PLYG1000A36/54φ1000*400Motorized DischargeElectricity / Gas380

    What Poly Continuous Fryer Offers

    The continuous fryer is equipped with several features and functions to ensure efficient and high-quality production:

    Automatic Feeding

    The continuous fryer comes with an automatic feeding system that ensures a steady flow of raw materials into the fryer.

    Temperature Control

    It has a precise temperature control system to maintain optimal frying conditions, ensuring food is fried evenly and thoroughly.

    Oil Filtration

    The line includes an oil filtration system that helps to extend the lifespan of the frying oil, reducing costs and improving the taste of the final product.

    Auto Slag Removal

    Equipped with a dregs removal system, which can continuously remove the dregs produced during deep-frying process, and the rate of scraping dregs at the bottom can reach 95%.

    Continuous Fryer Price

    Poly continuous fryer can significantly enhance operational efficiency, increase production capacity, and ensure the consistent quality of fried food products. However, the cost must align with the business’s budget and projected return on investment.

    Typically, the price of Poly continuous fryer ranges from $2,700 to $3,500 per meter. This price range is influenced by various factors, including the line’s capacity, customization, the complexity of its functions, and the materials used in its construction. The price reflects the line’s versatility and capability to handle a wide array of food items such as meat, chips, dough twists, and more.

    Within this price range, you can expect a continuous fryer system equipped with features like automatic feeding, precise temperature control, oil filtration, a conveyor system. These features ensure the line can efficiently handle the entire process from raw material to finished product, maintaining a high standard of quality throughout.

    While the initial investment might seem substantial, the long-term benefits of increased efficiency, higher production volume, and consistent product quality make the continuous fryer a cost-effective solution for businesses in the food processing industry. Therefore, the price should be considered an investment towards improving operational success and profitability.

    Global Shipment Cases

    7m Fried Instant Noodle Production Line to Algeria

    The 7m fried instant noodle production line, equipped with cutting-edge technology, is set to be shipped to Algeria. Capable of high-quality, large-scale production, this line helps improve high production efficiency.

    8.5m Potato Chips Frying Production Line

    The Poly 8.5m potato chips frying production line, a state-of-the-art solution for high-volume food processing, was sent to Nigeria. With its advanced technology and high-quality output, this line can efficiently handle large-scale potato chips production.

    Customer Feedback


    Improve Our Efficiency.

    Using the continuous fryer from Poly has completely transformed our food processing operations. The equipment is top-notch and ensures consistent frying results. Not only is the machinery efficient and easy to operate, but it has significantly improved the overall productivity of our facility.


    from Singapore


    Excellent Frying Results.

    The equipment is robust, and it consistently delivers excellent frying results across a variety of food products. The quality of the fried products is outstanding, and our customers have noticed the difference. We are thoroughly impressed with the performance and reliability of this production line, and it has become an indispensable part of our operations. Highly recommended for anyone in the food processing industry.

    Webster Balowa

    From Namibia

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