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Jacketed Kettle

Serve for commercial or industrial cooking settings for the preparation of soups, stews, sauces, and other liquid-based food products.

Poly jacketed kettle allows for efficient and uniform heating, making it suitable for large-scale food production, particularly in restaurants, catering businesses, food processing facilities, and other culinary operations.

This type of kettle is valued for its versatility, allowing for the easy and precise control of cooking temperatures and the production of consistent, high-quality food products.

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    Jacketed Kettle For Sale

    The jacketed kettle, also known as a steam jacketed kettle or sandwich pot, is a versatile piece of kitchen equipment designed for efficient cooking and heating of various food items.

    This equipment is especially useful in preparing porridge and flavorings, among other dishes, due to its even and rapid heat distribution. It’s also excellent for stewing, boiling, and frying. The pot’s design allows for precise temperature control, ensuring the quality and consistency of the food.

    This equipment comes in various capacities, ranging from 50L to 600L, making it suitable for different scales of food production, from small catering businesses to large industrial food processors.

    Specifications of Jacketed Kettle

    Detailed Specifications of Gas-Powered Jacketed Kettle

    ModelHeating SourceDimensions(motor height 440mm)Stirring PowerTiltable Without StirringDiameter(mm)Liquefied Gas Consumption(kg)Natural Gas Consumption(cubic meter)

    Detailed Specifications of Electric-Powered Jacketed Kettle

    ModelHeating SourceDimensions(motor height 440mm)Stirring PowerHeating Power(kg)Tiltable Without StirringTiltable With StirringDiameter

    Detailed Specifications of Steam-Powered Jacketed Kettle

    ModelHeating SourceDimensions(motor height 440mm)Stirring PowerSteam Consumption(kg)Tiltable Without StirringTiltable With StirringDiameter(mm)Natural Gas Consumption(cubic meter)

    What Poly Jacketed Kettle Offers

    Poly jacketed kettle has a multitude of functions that make it a versatile and essential piece of equipment in the food industry.


    It can be used for pasteurization of certain food products, ensuring food safety and extending shelf life.

    Braising and Roasting

    With its superior heat distribution, the jacketed kettle can braise and roast food evenly, enhancing flavor profile of the dish.

    Optional Mixing System

    Can be equipped with a stirring device, making it ideal for mixing ingredients evenly without burning or sticking to the pot. This is particularly useful for sauces, soups, and other mixtures that require constant stirring.

    Batch Cooking

    The large capacity of the jacketed kettle makes it perfect for batch cooking, allowing for the preparation of large quantities of food at once.

    Jacketed Kettle Price

    The price of a jacketed kettle can vary widely based on its capacity, functionality, and the specific model, with a general price range of $130 to $2,100.

    At the lower end of the price range, around $130, you can expect to find smaller capacity pots, typically around 50 liters. These are often basic models without additional features like stirring mechanisms or pressure cooking capabilities. They are ideal for small-scale operations such as small restaurants, catering businesses, or food stalls.

    Mid-range jacketed kettles, priced between $500 and $1,000, generally offer larger capacities and additional features. They may include a built-in stirring mechanism, more precise temperature control, and possibly even a pressure cooking function. These are suitable for medium-sized food service operations and small to medium food processing plants.

    At the higher end of the price range, around $2,100, you will find the largest capacity pots, up to 600 liters. These high-end models often come with a full range of features, including advanced temperature control, built-in stirring mechanisms, and pressure cooking capabilities. They may also be made of higher-quality materials for increased durability and performance. These are most suitable for large-scale food service operations and industrial food processing plants.

    Global Shipment Cases

    Jacketed Kettle to Ghana

    The high-capacity jacketed kettle, with advanced temperature control and stirring mechanisms, is set for delivery to Ghana. Capable of handling large volumes efficiently, it’s an ideal solution for enhancing food processing operations, promising to boost productivity and ensure consistent quality.

    Vertical Jacketed Kettle to Malaysia

    The high-performance jacketed kettle, boasting a large capacity, was successfully sent to Malaysia. This versatile kitchen equipment is ideal for various large food processing tasks.

    Customer Feedback


    Exceptional Service and Top Equipment!

    I run a small food processing business and recently purchased a Poly jacketed kettle. It’s been a game-changer! The temperature controls are precise, and the stirring mechanism saves us a lot of manual labor. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to clean. I highly recommend it for any small to medium-sized food business.

    Dipogiso Gaokwalelwe

    from Botswana


    Excellent Equipment at Competitive Price.

    We’ve been using this jacketed kettle in our restaurant’s kitchen for a few months now. It’s great for making large batches of sauces and soups. It heats evenly and maintains the temperature well. I deducted one star because it’s quite large and takes up a lot of space, but otherwise, it’s a fantastic piece of equipment.


    From United States

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