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Waterfall Battering Machine

Efficiently covers the product surface with batter or slurry.

Poly waterfall battering machine features convenient operation, sanitary and safe processing, reliable performance, and the ability to apply batter or thinner batter effortlessly. It is suitable for use in various food production industries, including bakeries, restaurants, central kitchens, and large-scale food production factories.

This versatile machine is recommended for coating a wide range of products, including schnitzel, mozzarella sticks, fish sticks, cordon bleu, plant-based food, vegetables, and other special applications. With its high efficiency working capacity, the waterfall battering machine is a valuable asset for enhancing production processes in the food industry.

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    Waterfall Battering Machine For Sale

    The Waterfall Battering Machine is a revolutionized piece of food processing equipment, meticulously designed to meet the demands of modern food industries.

    This machine ensures an even and consistent coating of batter on food items, thereby enhancing their flavor and visual appeal. It is a versatile solution, perfect for a wide range of products like poultry, fish, meat, and vegetables, contributing significantly to their preparation process.

    With its user-friendly interface and superior efficiency, the Waterfall Battering Machine not only improves product quality but also boosts production speed, making it an indispensable asset for businesses aiming for high-quality and efficient operations.

    Specifications of Waterfall Battering Machine

    Belt Speed3-15m/min
    Belt Width300mm400mm600mm800mm

    What Poly Waterfall Battering Machine Offers

    Poly Machinery’s Waterfall Battering Machine is a testament to efficiency, customization, and sustainability. 

    Wide Range of Raw Materials

    The slurry machine is suitable for smaller, thin, soft, and easily broken products (such as taro chips, lotus root slices, etc).

    Smooth Coating

    The waterfall battering can maintain the neat arrangement of the products and fully coat them.

    Easy to Clean

    The machinery is easy to clean, adhering to the concept of user-friendly design.

    Fully Meet Your Needs

    It can be connected with feeding machines, battering machines, breading machines, molding machines, etc., to meet your production needs.

    Waterfall Battering Machine Price

    ModelsCapacity (70-80g)Reference Price Range

    The reference price provided for our waterfall battering machine is an estimate, and the actual cost may vary due to several factors. These include the specific model, customization requirements, shipping and installation costs, and any additional features or services you may require.

    We understand that each business has unique needs, which is why we offer customization options to ensure our machines perfectly suit your production line. Whether you need adjustments in size, capacity, or functionality, we are committed to providing a solution tailored to your needs.

    For a detailed quote and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our sales team. We’re here to assist you in making your production process more efficient and cost-effective.

    Global Shipment Cases

    PLLJ-600A Waterfall Battering Machine Sent to United Arab Emirates

    We’re thrilled to announce that our PLLJ-600A Waterfall Battering Machine has been dispatched to a valued client in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We extend our heartfelt thanks to our UAE client for their trust and look forward to seeing the positive impact our machine will have on their operations.

    PLLJ-400A Waterfall Battering Machine Export to Kenya

    Its unique waterfall design ensures uniform batter application and reduced waste, promising to enhance both productivity and product quality. We’re excited to support our Kenyan client’s growth and invite others to discover how our customizable food processing solutions can transform their operations.

    Customer Feedback


    Improved Our Product Quality!

    As a Chilean food processing business, we’re extremely satisfied with the Waterfall Battering Machine. Its uniform batter application has significantly improved our product quality. The machine’s efficiency has boosted our productivity, and the reduced waste has lowered our operating costs. The customization options have made it an ideal fit for our specific needs. Excellent machine!

    mauricio diaz

    from chile


    Truly A Game Changer.

    From Malta, we are thrilled with the performance of the Waterfall Battering Machine. It has revolutionized our food production process by ensuring a consistent and uniform batter coating. Its high efficiency has increased our output, while the reduced waste has benefited our bottom line. The machine’s customization to our unique needs has been invaluable. Truly a game-changer!

    James Pearsall

    From malta

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