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Look no further than our food processing machine! Our machine, celebrated for their efficiency and consistency, is set to elevate your food processing capabilities.

From automatic burger patty forming machine, battering machine, seasoning machine, batter breading machine to food freezer machine, oil water mixed food fryer and fried snack production line, our machine meets your demands for both small and large projects.

For Food Molding and Breading, Poly Machine offers:
For Food Making and Frying, Poly Machine offers:

Major Food Machinery For Sale

Automatic Patty Machine

Waterfall Battering Machine

Submerging Battering Machine

Flat Seasoning Machine

Rotary Seasoning Machine

Batter Breading Machine

Planetary Cooking Pot

Oil Water Mixed Food Fryer

Major Production Line

Frozen French Fries Production Line

Efficient system engineered for high-volume production of premium frozen french fries with quality preservation and optimal texture.

Poly frozen french fries production line is a system designed to produce large quantities of high-quality frozen french fries. The production process typically involves cutting fresh potatoes into fry shapes, blanching them, coating them with a seasoning or batter, and then freezing them to preserve their freshness and texture.

Fried Chicken Nugget Production Line

Advanced engineering for consistent, high-volume fried chicken nuggets and cutlets.

Poly chicken nugget production line is designed to meet high-volume demands for consistent fried chicken nuggets or cutlets. This advanced production line integrates various stages, including chicken meat forming, breading, frying, cooling, and packaging. The incorporation of cutting-edge technologies and automation enhances precision and consistency, leading to final products that meet consumer expectations for taste, texture, and safety.

Fried Snack Production Line

Unveiling our Fried Snack Production Line, a game-changer in advanced food processing.

This line is designed to handle a wide variety of snacks including potato chips, tortilla chips, and extruded snacks, offering an all-in-one solution for your snack production needs. Its superior benefits include high-speed automation for increased productivity, precision temperature control for consistent frying, and an advanced filtration system to extend oil life.

Fried Instant Noodles Production Line

High-speed process for efficient fried instant noodles manufacturing with quality control and minimal waste.

A fried instant noodles production line is a set of interconnected machines and processes that work together to produce a large quantity of fried instant noodles within a short period of time. Poly lines typically consist of dough mixers, steamers, continuous fryers, packaging equipment, among other components. They can be highly efficient, producing thousands of instant noodles per hour while minimizing waste and variability.