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Pasta Production Line

Specializing in making pasta/spaghetti/macaroni at screw type, elbow type, hollow type, shell type, etc.

An automatic pasta production line is a highly efficient system designed to streamline the manufacturing of various types of pasta and macaroni. This advanced equipment offers several advantages, including increased productivity, consistent product quality, reduced labor costs, and precise control over the production process.

Poly 50-2000kg/h pasta production line can manufacture a wide range of pasta shapes such as spaghetti, penne, fusilli, macaroni, and more, allowing for versatile and customizable output to meet your demands.

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    Pasta Production Line For Sale

    Poly pasta production line is an exceptional choice for businesses seeking to enhance your pasta manufacturing capabilities. With a capacity ranging from 50kg/h to 2,000kg/h, this advanced production line offers unparalleled advantages.

    The elimination of labor requirements ensures guaranteed food safety and reduces operational costs, making it a highly efficient investment. Constructed with SUS304 materials, the production line offers improved usability and an extended lifespan, providing long-term reliability and durability.

    Moreover, the incorporation of precise temperature control technology ensures consistently superior taste in the pasta produced, meeting the highest quality standards.

    Main Equipment of Poly Pasta Production Line


    The mixing machine in a pasta production line serves a pivotal role in combining and kneading the raw ingredients to form the dough required for pasta production.

    Its functions include thorough blending of flour and water, ensuring uniform hydration and consistent texture.

    Precise dough consistency

    Thorough stirring

    Improve gluten development

    Single Screw Extruder

    The single screw extruder is instrumental in shaping and forming the pasta dough into various shapes and sizes puffed under high temperatures.

    Its functions encompass forcing the dough through a die to create the desired pasta shapes, such as spaghetti, penne, or fusilli.

    Maintain precise shaping

    Continuous and high production efficiency

    Versatile customization of pasta shapes

    Cutting Machine

    The cutting machine is responsible for precisely slicing and shaping the pasta.

    Its functions involve accurately cutting the pasta dough to desired lengths and shapes, ensuring uniformity and consistency in the final products.

    High precision

    Efficient customization of pasta sizes

    Streamlined production processes

    Continuous Drying Machine

    The continuous drying oven reduces the moisture content of the pasta to achieve optimal shelf stability.

    Its functions involve subjecting the freshly shaped pasta to controlled heat, effectively removing moisture while maintaining product integrity.

    Uniform drying

    Preserve pasta quality

    Minimize production time

    Specifications of Poly Pasta Production Line

    Capacity (kg/h)50-2,000
    Raw MaterialWheat flour, corn flour
    Pasta ShapeScrew type, elbow type, hollow type, shell type
    Machine MaterialFood grade SUS304
    Voltage (V)220/380
    Power (kW)7.5-60
    Power SourceElectric/Gas/Diesel

    Global Shipment Cases

    Poly Small Pasta Production Line Exported to Italy

    An Italian company is looking to expand its operations to meet growing demand without compromising the artisanal quality of its products. Our production line allows the company to increase its output by 300% while maintaining the quality that its customers expect.

    Poly Macaroni Production Line Operated in Vietnam

    A pasta manufacturer in Vietnam is looking to modernize its production line to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and cut costs which have been solved by Poly macaroni production line now.

    Customer Feedback


    High-Volume Pasta Production.

    The continuous dough mixer and high-speed extruders have significantly increased our production capacity, while the energy-efficient dryers have lowered our operating costs. The Teflon-coated dies are a breeze to clean, reducing downtime between batches.

    Rigoberto Cerpa

    from Peru


    Good Quality Pasta.

    We purchased the semi-automated artisanal pasta production line from Poly six months ago. The bronze dies ensure our pasta retains its rustic texture, and the gentle pre-drying technology preserves the exquisite flavor. Investing in this line was the best decision we’ve made for our business’s growth and sustainability.

    Ishak Sidd

    From U.A.E.