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Rotti Press Machine

Specializing in making roti, tortilla, naan, pita, flatbread for wraps and rolls.

The pneumatic roti press machine is a commercial kitchen appliance designed to automate the production of rotis and other flatbreads. Utilizing compressed air, it efficiently transforms dough balls into uniformly pressed and partially cooked rotis at a high speed.

Compact in design, Poly pneumatic roti press machine is space-efficient, fitting well in kitchens with limited space. Its versatility extends to making various types of flatbreads, such as tortillas and naan, with adjustable settings for thickness and size.

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    Pneumatic Roti Press Machine For Sale

    Automatic rotti press machine is a specialized kitchen appliance designed to automate the process of making rotis, a type of flatbread commonly consumed in South Asian cuisine.

    This machine is engineered to simplify the labor-intensive task of rolling and cooking rotis, making it an attractive option for both commercial establishments and home kitchens seeking efficiency and convenience. Designed to produce a high volume of rotis per hour, which is particularly beneficial for restaurants, food trucks, and catering services.

    Large Scale Roti Making Machine

    What Poly Rotti Press Machine Offers

    Poly automatic roti press machine is highlighted for its ability to increase productivity, maintain high standards of food quality, and offer a swift return on investment through labor savings and increased customer satisfaction.

    Uniformity and Precision

    The machine delivers consistently shaped and evenly cooked rotis.

    Adjustable Thickness and Size

    You can adjust settings to achieve their desired roti thickness and diameter.

    Temperature Control

    Features precise temperature settings to cook rotis to the perfect level of softness or crispiness.

    Non-Stick Components

    Equipped with non-stick surfaces to prevent dough from sticking and to ensure easy cleaning.

    Automatic Roti Press Machine Price

    The price of a roti press machine is contingent upon a multitude of factors, which leads to a broad spectrum in cost.

    Semi-automated commercial roti press machines strike a balance between some level of automation and manual oversight. Such machines cater to small businesses or food service establishments that require a higher volume of rotis without a significant investment in fully automated technology.

    Fully automated commercial roti press machines are engineered for high-volume, continuous operation.

    The premium cost is justified by their advanced features, such as integrated dough mixing, portioning, adjustable settings for thickness and temperature, and sometimes even programmable interfaces for various types of bread.

    Global Shipment Cases

    Pneumatic Roti Press Machine Shipped to Turkey

    A restaurant in Turkey needed to streamline its roti-making process to cope with high demand, especially during peak dining hours. Now, our rotti machine has been served for the restaurant for several months.

    Poly Rotti Machine Exported to Sri Lanka

    An artisanal bakery in Sri Lanka decided to expand its product range by including flatbreads such as rotis and chapatis to cater to a diverse clientele. The bakery acquired a small-scale pneumatic roti press machine that could be adjusted for different types of flatbreads. This allowed them to maintain the artisanal approach by using their own dough recipes and simply utilizing the machine to press and partially cook the bread.

    Customer Feedback


    Compact and Powerful.

    I purchased the compact roti press for my food truck, where space is at a premium, and I needed a solution that could cope with high demand. This machine fits perfectly in the limited space and doesn’t need a lot of power, which is great for a food truck environment. The quality of the rotis is consistent, and I’ve received many compliments on the texture and taste.

    Teddy Narpati

    from Nepal


    A Game-Changer for Our Small Eatery

    We run a small family-owned eatery that specializes in Indian and Mexican cuisine, so flatbreads like rotis and tortillas are a staple on our menu. We decided to invest in a pneumatic roti press machine about six months ago, and I must say, it has been a game-changer for us. The consistency of the bread thickness and the perfect round shape we get every time has not only impressed our regulars but also attracted new customers who love our wraps and rolls.

    Josephine Matsi

    From Jamaica

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