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French Fries Production Line

A state-of-the-art solution for frying not only French fries but also potato chips and other related snacks.

With a capacity ranging from 100 to 2,000 kg/h, Poly french fries production line is designed to deliver uniformly golden and fresh-looking fries while extending the lifespan of the frying oil. Its advanced technology ensures consistent food quality and taste, optimizing the frying process for high efficiency and lower operational costs.

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    French Fries Processing Machine For Sale

    Designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, Poly french fries manufacturing machine boasts a remarkable capacity of 100 to 2,000 kg/h, adept at meeting both small-scale and industrial demands.

    Our production line stands out in the market for its innovative technology that not only ensures the highest quality of the end product but also significantly expands the lifespan of the frying oil, translating to cost savings and reduced waste.

    The equipment is engineered for ease of use, reliability, and consistent performance, making it a smart investment for businesses looking to scale up their production without compromising on quality.

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    Main Equipment of Poly French Fries Processing Line

    Washing and Peeling Machine

    This robust equipment is engineered to thoroughly wash and peel potatoes at high speeds, ensuring a clean, smooth surface ideal for further processing.

    Its functions include the removal of dirt and the outer skin with minimal waste, enhancing the overall quality of the fries.

    Water-saving technology

    Gentle handling to preserve potato integrity

    Adjustable settings to accommodate different potato sizes

    Selecting or Sorting Machine

    The selecting and sorting machine meticulously sorts and selects potatoes by size and quality, ensuring only the best make it to the frying stage.

    Its state-of-the-art optical sorting technology detects and removes defects or irregularities, maintaining consistent product standards. This machine guarantees that each batch of fries meets the high-quality expectations of your customers.

    Increased yield

    Reduce labor costs

    Designed for precision and quality control

    Slicing Machine

    The slicing machine is engineered for precision cutting, transforming potatoes into uniform fries with remarkable consistency.

    Its sharp, adjustable blades offer versatile slicing options to achieve the desired thickness and length. The machine’s high-speed operation ensures a smooth, efficient workflow, significantly boosting production capacity.

    Uniformity in fry size

    Reduction in product waste

    Handle large volumes

    Bubble Washing Machine

    The bubble washing machine is designed for thorough and gentle cleaning of potatoes.

    Utilizing water bubbles, it effectively removes dirt and debris without damaging the produce. Its integrated filtration system recirculates water, making it an eco-friendly option that conserves water. All potatoes are uniformly cleaned, which enhances the quality of the fries. Its efficient cleaning process also helps to extend the shelf life of the final product.

    Handle high volumes with ease

    Recirculates water

    Energy saving

    Blanching Machine

    The blanching machine plays a crucial role in halting enzymatic activity that can cause off-flavors and discoloration in potatoes.

    It uses precisely controlled hot water to partially cook the fries, ensuring a consistent texture and preserving their natural color. This step is vital for achieving the perfect taste and appearance in the final product.

    Enhance the fries’ flavor

    Improve their texture for a better mouthfeel

    Prepare the surface for efficient drying and subsequent frying

    Air Drying Machine

    The air drying machine is essential for removing excess moisture from the surface of blanched fries before frying.

    Employing powerful air jets, it ensures fries are dried evenly and quickly, which is key for achieving a crisp texture. Additionally, its gentle drying process maintains the structural integrity of the fries, resulting in a superior end product.

    Improve product quality with lower oil uptake during frying

    A faster processing time

    Increase throughput

    Frying Machine

    The continuous fryer is an automated solution for achieving the perfect golden crispness of fries.

    It maintains a constant temperature and uses a conveyor system to ensure fries are evenly cooked. The advantages include a consistent product quality due to precise temperature control, and efficient oil filtration systems that extend oil life and reduce costs. The continuous fryer also allows for adjustable frying times to accommodate different product specifications.

    Precise temperature control

    High throughput for large-scale production

    Adjustable temperature and frying time

    Vibrating Deoiling Machine

    The vibrating de-oil machine is designed to remove excess oil from fries post-frying.

    Utilizing high-frequency vibration, it shakes off surplus oil, ensuring a less greasy, healthier final product. Moreover, it enhances the overall taste and quality of the fries, while its efficient oil removal process aids in reducing additional production costs and waste.

    Contributing to a crispier texture

    Extend the product’s shelf life

    Reduce oil content for better consumer health

    Freezer Machine

    The freezer is crucial for locking in the quality of the fries before packaging.

    It rapidly brings down the temperature of the freshly fried potatoes, effectively halting the cooking process. The quick-freezing function preserves the texture and flavor, ensuring a fresh taste upon reheating. Additionally, it facilitates ease of storage and transport, making it an essential step in large-scale french fry production.

    Retention of nutritional value

    Prevention of bacterial growth

    Uniform freezing, no agglomeration

    Seasoning Machine

    The seasoning machine is engineered to evenly coat the fries with a desired blend of spices and flavorings.

    Its functions include uniform seasoning distribution and adjustable quantity control for consistent taste. The result is a consistently flavored product that meets diverse consumer preferences, adding value to the final packaged french fries.

    Enhance product appeal with customizable flavors

    Optimize spice usage to reduce waste

    Maintain high throughput efficiency

    Specifications of Poly French Fries Processing Line

    Capacity (kg/h)100-2,000
    Raw MaterialPotato
    French Fries SizeCustomize
    Machine MaterialFood grade SUS304
    Voltage (V)220/380
    Power (kW)7.5-60
    Power SourceElectric/Gas/Diesel

    Global Shipment Cases

    Poly Frozen French Fries Manufacturing Line Transported to Belgium

    One of our customers from Belgium faced intense competition and needed to increase output to maintain market leadership. The automation upgrade of our production line resulted in a 50% increase in production capacity while reducing manual labor by 30%. The intelligent systems also improved the consistency and quality of the french fries, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a stronger position in the global market.

    Poly Potato Chip Production Line Operated in Vietnam

    Poly potato chip production line, renowned for high efficiency and state-of-the-art technology, was successfully transported and operated in Mexico, marking a significant milestone for the company’s expansion strategy.

    Customer Feedback


    Incredible Efficiency and Consistent Quality!

    We recently upgraded our facility with the Poly french fries production line. The line’s efficiency is truly remarkable; we’ve seen a 50% increase in production speed while reducing labor costs. The automated sorting and cutting system ensures that every fry is uniform, delivering the consistent quality our customers expect.

    Garba umar

    from Nigeria


    Sustainable Operation with Top-Notch Results.

    We’re particularly impressed with the oil filtration system that extends the oil’s life, reducing waste and operating costs. The continuous frying system has precise temperature control, which means less oil uptake and a healthier final product. Our fries now have a perfect golden color and a deliciously crisp texture every time.

    Rohan Miller

    From U.S.

    Automatic vs Semi Automatic French Fries Machine

    When choosing between an automatic and semi-automatic French fries production line, potential buyers must consider several factors, including the level of automation they require, the initial investment, and the long-term operational benefits.

    Automatic French Fries Production Line:

    An automatic french fries line epitomizes efficiency and consistency. This line typically includes advanced machinery like an automatic potato sorter, peeler, slicer, blancher, drier, continuous fryer, and a packaging system. The integration of conveyors and robotic systems ensures minimal human intervention, which significantly reduces the risk of contamination and human error.

    The initial investment for a fully automatic line is higher due to the sophisticated technology and machinery involved. However, the return on investment can be rapid, as these lines boast high production capacities, consistent product quality, and reduced labor costs. The automation allows for continuous operation with less downtime and can easily be integrated with real-time monitoring systems for a seamless production process.

    Semi-Automatic French Fries Production Line:

    A semi-automatic line, on the other hand, combines manual and automated processes. Key machines include the potato slicer and frying pot, etc. This setup is ideal for businesses that are transitioning from a manual operation and are not ready to fully automate due to budget constraints or to maintain a certain level of hands-on quality control.

    The investment for a semi-automatic line is lower, making it a more accessible option for small to medium-sized businesses. It allows for a more gradual investment, where businesses can automate additional processes over time. The semi-automatic line provides flexibility in production and can adapt to changes in product demand without a significant increase in labor costs.

    In summary, the choice between an automatic and semi-automatic French fries production line hinges on the balance between the desired level of automation, the available investment, and the long-term operational goals of the business. An automatic line is a fit for those aiming for high-volume, consistent production with minimal labor, while a semi-automatic line offers flexibility and a lower entry point for businesses scaling up their operations.

    Why You Need to Invest A Frozen Potato Production Line?

    A typical frozen french fries production line includes several key pieces of equipment: a potato sorter, washer and peeler, cutter, blancher, drier, fryer, freezer, and packaging machine(optional). The exact configuration can vary depending on the capacity and automation level of the line.

    The freezing process is critical for preserving the texture, flavor, and nutritional value of french fries. Rapid freezing techniques, like Individual Quick Freezing (IQF), are used to freeze the fries quickly, which prevents the formation of large ice crystals and maintains the cellular structure of the potato, ensuring high-quality fries after cooking.

    Production capacity of our machine can vary widely depending on the size of the equipment and the level of automation. Small to medium lines can produce anywhere from 100 to 500 kilograms per hour, while large, industrial-scale lines can produce several tons per hour.

    Our state-of-the-art frozen french fries production lines are designed to deliver efficiency, consistency, and the highest quality product. Whether you’re looking to start a new venture or scale up your existing operations, we have the perfect solution to suit your needs.

    Everything You Should Know About Poly Small French Fries Line

    The minimum production capacity of our small french fries line starts at 70-100 kg per hour, which is suitable for small-scale operations or businesses just starting out.

    Our production line can be customized to produce different cuts of potatoes, including crinkle-cut, curly fries, and other specialty shapes. Customization may require additional cutting equipment or dies.

    The total footprint for a basic small french fries production line is typically around 50 to 100 square meters, depending on the layout and additional modules included.

    The small line can come with either manual or automated solutions for peeling and washing potatoes. The choice depends on your budget and the level of automation you require.